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About Barliner Workout

Welcome to Germany's Top Calisthenics Community

At Barliner Workout, we specialize in bodyweight mastery through Calisthenics. Our community has been the leading provider of Calisthenics training in Germany since 2013. Our mission is to help you transform your fitness journey by embracing the power of Calisthenics. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, we have everything you need to take your fitness to the next level. Join us now and let's get started!

About Our Founder

Den Vital, our founder and visionary, drives our company's success with his innovative ideas and forward-thinking approach.

Here at Barliner Workout, we're driven by the shared vision of our founder, Den Vital. A leading figure in the Calisthenics movement in Germany, Den is a trailblazer and a certified Calisthenics trainer who has dedicated his life to helping others unlock their potential through bodyweight training.


In 2013, Den's courage and tenacity gave life to Barliner Workout, making it the foundation of the vibrant Calisthenics movement in Berlin. His love for Calisthenics did not stop at training others. In 2015, Den galvanized the fitness community by facilitating the creation of the first-ever professional Calisthenics facility at the historical Poststadion in Berlin. His groundbreaking contribution has since become a beacon for fitness enthusiasts across the country and beyond.


Driven by his visionary zeal, Den launched the Cali Games, one of the world's most highly-regarded international Calisthenics competitions. This defining achievement hugely expanded the global reach of Calisthenics, making it a universally recognized fitness discipline.


Yet, amid all his accomplishments, Den cherishes his role as a dedicated trainer the most. His commitment to every member of our community, coupled with his tailored training approach, helps our team reach elevated fitness goals and discover new realms of their capabilities.


Den Vital embodies not just the spirit, but the transformative power of Calisthenics.


Come, join us and start your personal fitness revolution under his inspiring guidance at Barliner Workout.

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